50 Cent Says He Was ‘Scared’ of Being a TV One-Hit Wonder: ‘Producing a Hit is Not Enough For Me’

While 50 Cent doesn’t look like the type to show any fear, he admitted that there’s one thing that terrified him: being a one-hit-wonder.

In an interview with Forbes‘ Brian J. Roberts, the “Many Men” rapper opened up about his highly successful television career.

“Producing a hit is not enough for me,” Fif said. “When I got one, I’m cringing [sic] to get the next one. While Power’s working by itself, I go do The Oath on Sony Crackle just to have something else.”

“It’s just ’cause I needed something else there — if not, you a one-hit-wonder. I’m scared of that shit,” he admitted. He even curiously compared the TV game to pimping, saying, “The only reason why a pimp want more than one hoe is ’cause one hoe is so close to no hoes — even in that world, bro, like he wants more around because you left with nothing.”

50 Cent produced Power, the highly successful six-season television series that has expanded into its own universe after its end in 2020. He also has The Oath on Sony Crackle, which was reportedly the highest-rated show upon the platform’s launch. He’s even working on a television adaptation of 8 Mile.

You can watch the full interview below.