50 Cent Posts Year-Old Mase Freestyle Containing Lyrics Aimed at Diddy

In his freestyle, Mase rapped, “Empty pipes when cliques get called / And go to church on Sunday. I’m the illest of all / Don’t ever put Mase with other Bad Boys who had hardships / you know I get it jumping like a mosh pit, n***a. / On the verse level, dirt level / I can never work level. N***as mad I made it to the ‘I would never work’ level. / Since Cain killed Abel, I’m able to kill Cain / And Love don’t steal, my n***a, change your name / I see no integrity in your name, and I’m haunted by the Ghost of St. James.”

He added, “I’m the ghost of Shyne / I speak for every artist that never spoke they mind / Representing every artist that was left behind, from Craig Mack to G. Dep / I still remember them kids chanting for every producer you ever stole a sample.”

Mase has never shied away from expressing his issues with Diddy. The latest chapter in their feud came in September when Diddy told Billboard that he and Mase were all good despite being at odds over song rights.  

“Everything’s cool and good now,” Combs said in an interview with Billboard. “You know, we’re brothers and brothers fight. I love him and that’s it.”

50, on the other hand, has made it his mission to drag Diddy amid all the sexual assault allegations levied against him. He’s shared several social media posts and referenced various moments where Diddy displayed suspect behavior such as telling Fabolous they need to “party” and tapping Jay-Z’s backside during a performance back in the day.

Most recently, Page Six revealed 50’s G-Unit Films and Television company is developing a television special on the Bad Boy Records founder and the sexual assault allegations. 50 also stated proceeds from the documentary will go towards sexual assault victims.