50 Cent Jokingly Responds to Being Called ‘the Male Tyler Perry’: ‘Tyler Will F*ck Y’all Up’

Although Perry is widely known for his iconic Madea character, calling 50 the “male Tyler Perry” can be interpreted a few different ways. Did the user make a slip or was this intentionally-placed shade towards the filmmaker? This writer invites you to interrogate that comment for yourself.

In February, Perry announced that he was backtracking an $800 million studio expansion after the launch of OpenAI’s new generative text-to-video product, Sora, which is capable of generating cinematic-quality video from written prompts.

“I was in the middle of, and have been planning for the last four years, about an $800 million expansion at the studio, which would’ve increased the backlot a tremendous size — we were adding 12 more soundstages,” Perry told the Hollywood Reporter at the time. 

“All of that is currently and indefinitely on hold because of Sora and what I’m seeing. I had gotten word over the last year or so that this was coming, but I had no idea until I saw recently the demonstrations of what it’s able to do. It’s shocking to me.”

He continued, “I no longer would have to travel to locations. If I wanted to be in the snow in Colorado, it’s text. If I wanted to write a scene on the moon, it’s text, and this AI can generate it like nothing. If I wanted to have two people in the living room in the mountains, I don’t have to build a set in the mountains, I don’t have to put a set on my lot. I can sit in an office and do this with a computer, which is shocking to me.”