4 Hong Kong Rappers You Need To Know

Toronto-born rapper TXMIYAMA (pronounced “​​Tomiyama”) first came to Hong Kong at 12-years-old. Drawing from his Japanese heritage in songs, TXMIYAMA effortlessly incorporates English and Japanese into his lyrics, as well as hints of Cantonese and Filipino—an ode to his friends and community in the city. Speaking to Complex about his music career he says, “I’m just grateful for all of it, [music] has brought me so many surreal moments. There are so many nights where I’m kind of just awake until an ungodly hour and thinking, ‘Damn… this all started with me writing some bullshit-ass lines that barely rhymed in those cheap, black and red hard-cover Hong Kong notebooks,’” TXMIYAMA shares with Complex. While TXMIYAMA has been knee-deep in the food and beverage industry, he’s continuing to make music and has a catalog of hits behind him: “For the City,” “5am Minibus,” “HKG” and “Red Horse” to name a few. “I’m not sure if I’m allowed to drop names yet, but I’m working with some pretty big [artists] in Japan now and I don’t wanna jinx anything, but I hope something cool materialises from it, because I’d love to do more rap-related things in my motherland,” TXMIYAMA says.