3LAU Remixes Himself Into A Heavy Electro Banger

Nobody remixes 3LAU better than 3LAU — and here he is with an electro version of “On My Own” worth raving over!

The original and this new remix will take your breath away for two very different reasons. While “On My Own” off his debut album rides a gorgeous synth wave that will leave you breathless, the newer, much heavier version, will have you dancing so hard you’ll need to take a breather.

“On My Own,” with its new electro vision, rocks energetic drum patterns, imaginative sound design, and a nonstop, pounding beat that keeps pushing onward. Nevve‘s familiar lyrical performance is the only thing that reassures these tracks are two-of-a-kind. It’s insane how her voice meshes so well with both styles.

Just recently, 3LAU hit us with a wondrous for “Star Crossed,” yet another masterpiece from Play out these remixes and the originals back-to-back, without this context, and no one would believe they were the work of just one producer.

That’s 3LAU for you.

On My Own – 3LAU Electro Remix

3LAU – On My Own ft. Nevve



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