21 Savage Accused of Cheating Adin Ross in Card Game During Stream, Fans Speculate Awkward Moment Was Scripted

21 Savage is going viral after he appeared to cheat during a gambling stream with Kick streamer Adin Ross. On the flip side, others think the whole thing was a planned moment between friends.

During their recent stream on Thursday, Feb. 1, the two were putting down significant wagers during a card game. Close to the end of their time playing cards, 21 Savage was down $400,000 when fans in the chat appeared to notice a member of the rapper’s entourage gesture towards a card as Ross briefly turned away to look at his computer. It appeared as though he picked out a marked card, which was a Queen.

Ross paid attention to the chat and was informed by some of the audience that 21 Savage might have cheated on the wager, which ultimately won him $250,000. “They’re scratched, bro,” Ross said, later showing the examples of the scratched cards to the camera.

When 21 Savage was shown the scratches on the cards, he appeared surprised. “Man, get the fuck out of here,” he said, to which Ross asked if he was “tripping” or not. “You’re tripping,” 21 Savage said. They went through an unopened pack of cards together to see that those ones didn’t have the same marks on them. Despite the allegations of cheating, they agreed to call off the wager. Ross stressed, however, that the cards weren’t 21 Savage’s.