2 Chainz Has Officially Retired "Hair Weave Killer"

A man goes by many names. We may recognize him as Tity Boi. Or 2 Chainz. Or Hair Weave Killer. The trifecta of monikers have come to embody 2 Chainz since his arrival in the rap game. While the first two stand out as actual hip-hop monikers, Hair Weave Killer was something of an extension, an Instagram alter ego for the ages. It soon became an integral component of 2 Chainz' personality, becoming synonymous with the Atlanta legend. Not only is the name memorable, but it also serves as a warning; should any woman find herself in 2 Chainz' bed, she may very well find her hair weave destroyed by the morning. 

Now, it would appear those days are behind him. Perhaps 2 Chainz is simply growing up; after all, the man is recently engaged, and it's entirely possible that the fiancee was the catalyst for the transition. Perhaps he simply felt that weaves have suffered enough under his reign. Either way, the rapper has officially retired the moniker. He made the announcement on Instagram, where he now goes by "2chainz." Check out the announcement below.

It's interesting to read some of the accompanying comments, which range from messages of support to straight up denial. I suppose he'll always be Hair Weave Killer to some. Perhaps it will still come out on occasion. In the mean time, 2 Chainz will be going forward with his most recognizable name. Time heals all wounds.

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