2 Chainz and Future Decide Your Fate With ‘Dead Man Walking’: Watch

With 2 Chainz and Future serving as rap staples on the ATL hip-hop scene, you'd think they'd work together a lot more than they have in the past. Things changed when Hendrix and the Drench God connected on Friday (Jan. 17) for the skittish "Dead Man Walking." 

Chainz sets the tone with a fearless opening verse on the Buddha Bless-produced track. "I'm smokin' Mary Jane, flossin'/ I got the sauce like teriyaki/ Kickin' my s--t like Texas Walker/ You and your homie are the same target/ Put you both in the same coffin," he raps. 

Just like his Drake-assisted "Life Is Good" collab, Future holds off early on and bats cleanup to bring "Dead Man Walking" across the finish line. "Know how to hold that fork in the Pyrex pot, then you cook it up/ I keep the fives, the tens, the fifties and hundreds are slices of bread, yeah/ My chains are hittin' her head, I still got licked up, yeah, yeah/ Talkin' to my main b--ch, gettin' my d--k sucked," Super rhymes using a higher-pitched voice. 

Watch the "Dead Man Walking" video below. 

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