1AMBabyJoker ft. Erica Banks & Unique Musick – “Where The Freak”

maxresdefault-500x281 1AMBabyJoker ft. Erica Banks & Unique Musick - "Where The Freak"

On the rise Dallas rapper 1AMBabyJoker links up with Unique Musick and fellow Dallas native and 1501 Certified-Warner recording artist Erica Banks for the summer’s biggest dance track, “Where The Freaks.” In the cinematic visual, the Texas natives show us how the freaks come out at night with a freaky house party filled with beautiful women, a lot of liquor and hottest dance moves to prove just how freak things can get in the south for the summertime.

Stream the viral hit here via 1501 Certified Entertainment.

“Where The Freaks” is a 1501 Certified Entertainment presentation that marks the label’s founder and CEO Carl Crawford’s first executive produced track. “It’s where I wanted to be, an executive in this business,” Crawford shares in a press release about executive producing the new hit. “I’m still learning as I go. I’ve been learning little things, I jumped face first into the music business scene so everything’s been learning on the fly. And in my little time of being here, I’ve learned how to put things together. Take time and develop relationships here and there, and use my resources, putting all those things together.”

“‘Where The Freaks’ is by Joker, who is a part of this Click 4Ulla Starz out in Dallas,” Crawford explained. “The song had been buzzing down there. I liked it. Went down there and brought the record and put Erica on it and it seems like it’s getting a lot of great reviews from all the DJs. I think that’s going to be our song of the summer, where the freaks at.”

A “Where The Freaks” dance craze is one of the latest viral trends spreading on the popular social media application Tik Tok with various influencers, dancers, and fans creating their own routines to the song’s hook and spreading it out to their millions of followers, using the hashtag #wherethefreaks.

“Where The Freaks” is a prelude to 1501 Certified’s upcoming compilation album. The project will showcase the label’s current roster, enlisted with a-list guest appearances. 1501 Certified’s current roster consists of Erica Banks, Smoody, D.Raww, Stunna Bam and, contractually, Megan Thee Stallion. The compilation has no official release date at this time.

“We’re still in the early developments of the compilation right now but we got a lot of big things coming with this first one,” Crawford shares.

Watch the new video below and stream the song above. Stay up-to-date on everything 1501 Certified via social media.