128 Miles In The Wrong Direction & $1500 Later, This DJ Woke Up In An Uber Ride from Hell

Millions of people depend on Uber every day to get to where they need to be; a small subset of that group also depend on Uber and other ride share apps like Lyft to get them home from the club when they’re inebriated. That’s why it’s so important for these companies to be on point with their service.

Unfortunately, grime/dub producer/DJ Plastician experienced an Uber ride from hell this past weekend when he dozed off in the Uber on the way home from Fulham to Croydon in the UK. Instead, he woke up in Sleaford, 128 miles north of Fulham, in the opposite direction.

What should have been a 45 minute, 11.8 mile trip ended up taking five and a half hours and costing him  £1,453.86.

Plastician has been trying to get the situation sorted privately with Uber for over 72 hours.

Finally, it came to the point that he felt the need to air everything on Twitter because Uber was doing nothing to help.

Read below for the full account of this horror story, and be sure to share it, and maybe Uber will actually do something about it.

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