1200 Slim’s New Vibrant Release “Tik Tok” Proves The Artist Has It All To Become Your Next Hip-Hop Hero

Sometimes, you hear something and wonder why weren't you the one who said it. The new lit drop "Tik Tok" from 1200 Slim tells the story we all know too well; we could be the ones telling it. Yet, it takes the explosion of a creative mind, and a dedicated creator's hard work to put the story into an art form. 

"Tik Tok" by 1200 Slim is a mixture of traditional hip-hop and trap changing with unexpected multifaceted flows frequently enough to make it the banger of your dreams. If you know what Louisiana rap sounds like, you'll not be able to get over this joint. "Tik Tok" has an incredibly authentic aspect to it that makes the release raw and intimate. Slim's music is generous and soul stilling, his truth relatable to the core. Verses about his current lavish life change fast into the lyrics about his troubled past and endless struggles. 

"Tik Tok" sets the tone for 1200 Slim's upcoming album Revelations. So we can expect to hear some more extraordinary authenticity and sharpness from the 28-year-old hip-hop artist. The artist's grand mission is to reach the audience's heart and leave his utmost influence on them. With “Tik Tok” on the radar, it is obvious he is capable of doing whatever he has on his mind.

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