Yo Gotti and O.T. Genasis Jump on the Remix for K. Michelle’s ‘Either Way’ Featuring Chris Brown –

Yo Gotti and O.T. Genasis Jump on the Remix for K. Michelle's 'Either Way' Featuring Chris Brown -
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After releasing the Jay-Z-inspired single “Make This Song Cry,” K. Michelle gets Yo Gotti and O.T. Genasis to jump on the remix her single “Either Way” featuring Chris Brown. Gotti and O.T. add there verses on the latter half the song.

“One little hit away and I’m going to be straight/Got my bag out the street and I made sure we ate/When your feelings is shitty it can go either way,” Yo Gotti Raps.

O.T. Genasis closes out the song, “I got a whole lot paper/I got a whole lot haters/Niggas be drippin’ in sauce/I got a whole lot flavor.”

The original version “Either Way” was dropped last month. Both “Either Way” and “Make This Song Cry” are singles from K. Michelle’s new album Kimberly:The People I Used to Know, which doesn’t have a release date as yet. K. Michelle recently spoke about what fans can expect from her album.

“The album shows me and all my bipolar-ness so it really shows that and I hit on every single emotion being a woman and being a growing woman,” she said to Billboard. “So it has, even for a man, a lot things you can relate to you, a lot life issues this time not just heartbreak but life in general.”

Listen to “Either Way (Remix)” below.

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