We Analyzed the Tomorrowland 2017 Trailer


Wow, kicks f in about a month from now so the excitement is building fast. While we already know this year’s theme is Amicorum Spectaculum and all the vintage carnival fare that comes with it, we are now getting the full backstory and some tantalizing details about this year’s event. The Tomorrowland 2017 trailer gives us a peak into the story and the design the year’s event, so we analyzed it to see what we could find.

Could this be a stage?

The story concerns a group the world’s greatest entertainers, Triboulet, Ekatarina, Ernesto, and Raya. These famous entertainers come together to create the Amicorum Spectaculum in the form a carnival. Each year Tomorrowland’s mainstage LED screen is graced my the face some mystical character, but this year we may see 4 faces.

Alternatively, the trailer lends itself to the idea that this year the smaller stages may be themed around these other characters. Above you see a design that lends itself to a stage and below you can see what appears to be the characters along with the overall design for their stages.


This may be Ernesto and his stage.
We Analyzed the Tomorrowland 2017 Trailer
Another possible stage and Triboulet?

The trailer also has given away the name the Mainstage, the Theatre Unity. We think the design is previewed below, with a large throne or carnival tent with 2 wagons flanking its sides. This fits in perfectly with the traveling carnival theme.

The Theatre Unity Mainstage with Raya

Will Tomorrowland 2017 feature an entirely new set stages? The possibilities are thrilling and we can’t wait to learn more.

Information from the ticket box about the character

Following her discovery in a remote village in Northern Ossetia, Ekaterina was raised and trained by the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow to be a prima ballerina and one the best dancers her time. After years practicing and winning prizes all around the world, she is thrilled to participate in and demonstrate her unique combination technique and artistry at the famous Amicorum Spectaculum, just like her mentor did 37 years ago.

Grandson Giacomo the “king jesters and jester kings” a famous court entertainer. He learned the rules and rituals his vocation from all who have gone before, from generation to generation. He has met street artists, troubadours and other colourful performers from all corners the Earth, who have inspired him to become the best jester all. After 37 years, the Amicorum Spectaculum will finally gather again, and Triboulet is counting the days until he can show the world his magic.

As a teenager and student at the Academy Arts in Firenze, Ernesto got caught in the fire that left him permanently blind. As a result his disability, he developed a unique sense hearing and way to experience and create music. People say that Ernstein’s compositions are melodious paintings. No one else could be a better conductor for Amicorum Spectaculum than him. He will proudly bring his magical compositions to the event and paint the sky with melodies.

Since she was a child, Raya has travelled throughout Europe and Asia in a caravan with her aunt Zaza who, little by little, taught Raya the ancient art fortune telling. By combining this with skills and routines she picked up from faraway cultures, Raya’s method fortune telling is closer to the practice magic than to predicting the future. Just like her aunt 37 years ago, Raya is now travelling to join the Amicorum Spectaculum, to inspire the world with her enchantments.