Watch DJ Khaled's Career End Right Before Your Eyes

DJ Khaled just got himself a new nickname; the King Cringe. In 2017 there is a lot mixed emotion about the state EDM and dance music festivals, but DJ Khaled might just reinvigorate your spirit for DJs at the same time he forces you to question EDC. Many festivals have been trying to incorporate hip-hop acts into the festival, and ten times they remind us why we love DJ sets in the first place. DJ sets have energy and flow and excitement, as opposed to endless mic hogging and playing 30 seconds a track before stopping it again (well some DJs do this too).

DJ Khaled regained fame through Instagram and Snapchat, so EDC thought it would be awesome to book him a slot at the festival this year and ride that wave hype. The fact that they would book him is a sign the strange time dance music finds itself in, but perhaps they learned their lesson. His performance was every bit as cringeworthy as you could ever imagine. He didn’t adapt his schtick at all for the dance music crowd. He dropped into a track for a few seconds, cut it, talked on the mic, yelled out his catchphrases, and that’s about it.

It became a parody itself and the crowd eventually got so fed up they booed him f stage. To make it even better, Khaled claims his set was sabotaged and they cut his sound unfairly. It’s safe to say that’s the last time you’ll see DJ Khaled on a festival lineup (if they’re smart).