Travis Scott Poses For First Cover Story With Kylie Jenner, Reveals He Cried During Stormi's Birth

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have posed for their first joint photo shoot and open up about their relationship in a July 17 cover story for GQ.

After meeting and hanging out at Coachella and hitting it off, Scott had to go on tour, so Jenner went with him. "I really jumped on the bus. And then we rode off into the sunset. I did the whole tour with him," she says. "I live on my own, and so I just rode off into the sunset. We had a lot of downtime. It was organic. And we would just go to these random cities. We got to not be who we really were. Like, if we were in L.A., I feel like it would've been way different. Everything happened for a reason. We weren't going out as 'Kylie and Trav.' We would just be in Cleveland, walking the street for hours. We would go on walks, and no one would bother us."

These days, Jenner, 20, is set to become history's youngest self-made billionaire and Scott, 26, has a firm hold on the rap world. They also just had a child, Stormi, in February. Scott, who is in the midst of recording a new album, Astroworld, is still a dad -- and when pressed about when the last time he had cried was, he answered like one. "When my daughter was born. As soon as I heard her crying," he admits. "It was crazy. I was there through the hell...the epidural and shit. Crazy."

Jenner also gushes over Scott's romantic gestures. "When I landed in Houston to make up after a fight one day] he -- I always kept saying I really want a Stormi chain, so when I landed, he had one made for me," she says. "But probably the most romantic thing he's done for me is, on my birthday, he woke me up out of bed at like six in the morning. He was like, “We gotta go,” and I'm just like half asleep, like, “What do you mean? What do you mean?” And he just starts pulling me, and the sun was just coming up, and he had flowers all the way down his house and violin players everywhere."

Check out the photos from the shoot below.