The Fyre Festival Saga Continues as Employees Wont Be Paid


The Fyre Festival Saga Continues as Employees Wont Be Paid

Unless you have been living under a rock you have heard about the Fyre Festival debacle. The fest way out on an island in the Bahamas that really turned out to be either a total sham at the level an episode Survivor.

After some time the parent company Fyre Media being under the microscope around the globe we are learning that not just the their festival, but the whole company is a mess. Despite the epic fail and potential human catastrophe that was Fyre Festival, we were promised a return in 2018 and that the festival wasn’t going anyway. The festival even fered angry attendees passes for next year in lieu a refund. However less than a month later the company is imploding as expected.

Vice has obtained audio a distressing call to employees. Fyre employees were told by their own company that they were not going to be paid anymore, or for the last two weeks. However they weren’t being fired, they were being told they could work for free. If they weren’t getting paid but were still employed this would make them ineligible to collect unemployment which sadly the company’s own CEO didn’t even know. To add insult to injury the FBI had called Fyre asking questions and the owners remained unsurprisingly quiet. Apparently employees claimed the founders misled them into believing Comcast would be investing in the company. It’s a storyline so disastrous it sounds like a movie, maybe it really is? Let’s hope Fyre’s employees can make it out this unscathed and the founders learn a lesson, always have a backup plan.