The Best Hip-Hop and R&B Love Songs of 2017 (So Far) Article

Springtime, when we start shedding the layers the winter months both physically and metaphorically. There’s something about the blossoming flowers spring that evokes powerful feelings romance and love, and no medium has become as adept at conveying those feelings as music.

Hip-hop has always had a st spot for love songs, especially given its proximity to, and ten shared space with, R&B. As the lines between conventional hip-hop and R&B continue to intersect in compelling and experimental ways, the power and importance love are bubbling up in more hip-hop records than ever before.

With love in the air and my headphones on, I decided to make a cheat sheet all the fantastic love songs that have been tossed into our laps so far this year. To be clear, though, this is not a ranking and these selections are in no particular order.

Kendrick Lamar - "LOVE." ft. Zacari

"LOVE." is the epitome spring fever. Kendrick took TDE affiliate Zacari’s template for a sultry slow jam and infused it with the noxious Kung Fu Kenny energy that permeates the entirety DAMN., delivering a performance that is equal parts corny and heartfelt, a sort meta nod to the cognitive dissonance love tends to produce in our minds when we're under its spell. As for Zacari, his falsetto-driven hook has me doing the invisible air grab move every single time the song is played in the car. This is springtime in audio form.

GoldLink - "Have You Seen That Girl?"

I could have easily included 90% GoldLink's new album At What Cost on this list, but “Have You Seen That Girl?” condenses the DC native’s ability to succinctly express emotions over a lush soundscape into one single track. While the song is technically more a summertime vibe than springtime, around my neck the woods, beautiful women are already enjoying the fashion freedom that warm weather permits. GoldLink waxing romantic over a bouncy KAYTRANADA instrumental will literally provide us with a soundtrack for enjoying those fleeting infatuations we experience while walking the streets teeming with springtime sensuality.

Drake - "Passionfruit"

At this point in his career, Drake knows that indulging in his romantically-rooted vulnerabilities is a recipe for success. Much like Drake's classic love song “Marvin’s Room,” this More Life standout finds Drake lamenting over the difficulties a long distance relationship. "Passionfruit" may not be the bubbly, lust-laden anthem one might think to play during a spring day, but it does showcase Drake’s strengths in shining a light on the sometimes stressful intricacies maintaining love once we find it. The airy, catchy-as-hell production from Nana Rogues doesn’t hurt one bit, either.

Smino - "Netflix & Dusse"

Similar to GoldLink’s album, Smino’s absolutely wonderful blkswn is filled to the brim with bouncy odes to feelings both lust and love, ten simultaneously. “Netflix & Dusse” is the best example these finely-measured mixtures earthly indulgences and heavenly delights, a juxtaposition perfectly posited by the song’s title. Smino’s verses are chock-full the masterful wordplay that highlights blkswn and the hook to “Netflix & Dusse” is the St. Louis native at his most sonically pleasing. If given the chance (and the budget), "Netflix & Dusse" should have every opportunity to dominate the airwaves mainstream radio throughout the coming months.

J.I.D - "All Bad" ft. Mereba

The crazy, hair-pulling aspect love can, at times, be just as bad as it is good. Whereas most J.I.D’s album the year contender The Never Story is centered around mind-numbing lyricism, “All Bad” tones things down to address the difficult hurdle honesty between lovers. J.I.D’s near-whisper delivery perfectly compliments Mereba’s soul-studded verse, with a hook tying it all together that’s so tender it makes you want to cry when nothing’s wrong. This is that song for the end the night when your love life isn't quite going as planned. 

Thundercat - "Show You The Way" ft. Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins

Back in February, Thundercat teased his since-released Drunk with a song that remains the most random collaboration 2017, “Show You The Way” featuring yacht rock legends Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins. As we’ve come to expect from Thundercat, “Show You The Way” is steeped in vintage soul, and that effect is definitely intensified with the addition McDonald and Loggins. The sultry jam plays out like an evening in a dimly lit lounge filled with just enough velvet to retain its classiness. Never in my life did I expect to jam so hard to Michael McDonald.

Oddisee - "This Girl I Know"

My favorite love songs have always been those that use the role partner as a metaphor for other passions. An homage sorts to Common’s iconic track “I Used To Love H.E.R.,” Oddisee uses “This Girl I Know” to explore his love hip-hop, personified. The concept hip-hop as a woman has been explored countless times over the past 30 years, but few have the same potency and wit as Common’s legendary take on the technique. In that regard, “This Girl I Know” is stunning pro that the technique still contains some life yet. Oddisee takes on the role a jealous lover in such a believable manner that you forget he’s talking about music the entire time, a testament to the DC emcee and producer’s investment in his craft.

Sampha - "Incomplete Kisses"

The last few years have seen a multitude distinct new voices and sonic directions in R&B, and Sampha happens to be the most captivating them all. One my favorite tracks f his phenomenal 2017 release Process—our second best album  the year (so far)—“Incomplete Kisses” showcases both Sampha’s emotionally dense vocal talents as well as his pristine clarity as a songwriter. “Incomplete Kisses” is a perfectly f-kilter love jam that encourages us to truly follow our hearts in the quest not missing out on could-have-been's.

Syd - "Know"

The deceptively st-spoken Syd ( The Internet) blew the doors f any perceived limits on her artistry with her solo debut Fin, an album that finally fers the next logical step along the lineage R&B/pop icons like Janet Jackson, Aaliyah and others like them. On the album’s second track, “Know,” Syd’s silky vocals lull listeners into a sensual swing driven by a slinky bed synths and drums from Nick Green Nickey Davey. “Know” explores the excitement and intensity a secret love affair, with Syd gently delivering her words as though to keep them out the wrong ears. 

Kodak Black - "Save You"

Given his f-the-mic history and the fact that I truly didn’t believe Boosie-lite was capable delivering a legitimate love song, I had some serious hesitations about including Kodak Black on this list. I usually listen to artists like Kodak to temper my emotions, not evoke them, but I’ll be damned if he didn’t craft a legitimately sweet love song with “Save You.” I use the term “sweet” very loosely, but in a Kodak Black kind way, this is undeniably heartfelt. Now, if someone could just tune down the vocals a few octaves, this song could be a candidate for your next “after hours” playlist.

We will be updating this list throughout 2017 in order to provide our readers with the very best love songs our favorite artists have to fer.

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