Spinnin' Records Cancels DJ's Next Release After DUI Car Crash Kills One

Last week, DJ/producer Tom Swoon was involved in a in his homeland, Poland. According to reports, a vehicle was switching lanes when Swoon collided with his car, killing the passenger, and sending the driver to the hospital.

Today, it seems as though a release from Swoon titled “Put ‘Em High” has been pulled from Spinnin’ Records, which was supposed to be made available December 11. Artwork, pre-save links, and any mention the song have vanished from social accounts and Spinnin’s ficial . It’s a tough call to pull a track, but given the legal situation Swoon finds himself in, it only makes sense.

When “Tom Swoon” is searched, his other works including “Wait,” “Shingaling,” “Atom,” “Helter Skelter” and more still pull up on the Spinnin’ Records website.

Swoon was arrested and sent to jail to sober up when he was found to be under the influence alcohol at the time the collision. He’ll be formally charged at a later date and faces anywhere from 2 to 20 years, according to a .

Tom Swoon – “Put Em High” – Preview