Someone Hacked Carnage's SoundCloud Account And He Is Totally Okay With It

Someone Hacked Carnage's SoundCloud Account And He Is Totally Okay With ItIn a rather strange series events, on August 16, producer Carnage appeared to surprise drop a track on his SoundCloud page that was rather…unconventional. Over a giddy, juvenile electro-pop beat, a male voice repeats the line “I’m so fresh, you can suck my nuts” ad nauseam for four minutes. As if the sheer frivolity the track wasn’t a giveaway to the fact this wasn’t the work Carnage himself, the track’s title was ‘Hacked by Quinn’, and the song description directed SoundCloud users to the hacker’s .

Strangely enough, Carnage seems totally okay with it. When a fan alarmingly tweeted about Carnage’s SoundCloud being hacked, Carnage simply , “by the homie @zg he’s legit tho props sic].” The hacker’s track still hasn’t been removed from his SoundCloud page, even after being up for over a day. The hacker’s Twitter account itself is an enigma, containing a variety highly-fensive tweets, including various directed insults as well as homophobic and transphobic slurs. It also has no tweets from before August 16, aside from a couple retweets.

Carnage’s most recent legitimate music release was a with Ape Drums, ‘Chupacabra’, released back in June through his label, Heavyweight Records. Fans wanting to see him live are in luck—he has a slew upcoming tour dates as well as his RARE Orlando festival returning this October. You can find tickets to his shows . You can also give the hacker’s track a listen below.