Premiere: Nebraska's 'Drill Deep' delivers nostalgic disco primed for the dancefloor

London-based producer Nebraska delivers his ‘Drill Deep’ EP with three sample based productions, including the title track featuring a disco motif that's both refreshing and nostalgic .

Following releases on Rush Hour, Heist, Delusions Grandeur and Mister Saturday Night, Nebraska now turns his attention to the Brooklyn based imprint Razor-N-Tape’s sub-label, Razor-N-Tape Reserve. He's been known for a plethora musical styles, but ‘Drill Deep’ showcases the more upbeat side to his musical persona while also highlighting his skill using eclectic samples.

For producing the material, Nebraska dug deep into his sample library: “Though not all made in the same period time, these three tracks all feature drums sampled and chopped from vinyl copies reggae records paired with samples from 70s soul productions – I prefer things to sound a little crackly and rough, that basement-y, sound system type vibe.”

Nebraska’s ‘Drill Deep’ EP will be released March 29 on "easter yellow" 12" vinyl.

Listen to ‘Drill Deep’ below.

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