Night Owls, Rejoice: London Overground Will Soon Offer 24-Hour Weekend Services

Sadiq Khan, Mayor London, has announced the launch a 24-hour London Overground service. This is very exciting news for any visitor or citizen London, since up until now, there has been a 24-hour tube service only on the east side the major European city. This 24-hour tube section opened in August 2016.

With the new expansion, partiers, drinkers, and clubbers alike will be able to stay out late, well beyond the time current overground trains. Current overground trains operate until just after midnight. As a result, finding your way home after midnightcan be hectic and chaotic, especially if you are in parts town far from where you would live.

While I was studying for my masters, I would ten visit clubs such as , , , and , just to name a few. These clubs were easy to get to when the tube operated; however, after clubs would close, or when I decided to go back to where I was living, it was nearly impossible to find a train. Since there were no more trains operating, I would be forced to take a bus, cab, or sometimes walk, which could take a very long time.

Most the big EDM clubs in London are either in the south, east or far east sections the city, where trains do not travel late. The new routes will connect New Cross Gate with Dalston Junction, connecting to Highbury and Islington. Tracks are slated for 2018.

Khan has seen much success with the current 24 hour train services. In discussion about the new services, he said that “These services] will provide huge benefits to Londoners and visitors to our city, helping those working hard through the night and all those enjoying everything London has to fer, as well as creating jobs and boosting our economy”.  The all-night train services are set to go live in December.