Nicki Minaj's 'Barbie Tingz' Isn't Included on Upcoming 19-Track Album 'Queen' & Fans Are Outraged

Nicki Minaj's upcoming album Queen is expected to arrive this August, but the iTunes pre-order page for the album has left fans a bit miffed. While the official iTunes page reveals that the rapper's forthcoming project clocks in at 19 tracks, Minaj's recently-issued single "Barbie Tingz" is not included -- and fans are not pleased. 

The only three tracks included on the iTunes tracklist are "Rich Sex" featuring Lil Wayne, "B.E.D" featuring Ariana Grande (out today, June 14), and "Chun-Li," which Minaj released in tandem with "Barbie Tingz" back in April. 

Earlier this month, Minaj unveiled the official album artwork for Queen, shot by Mert and Marcus, which features a barely-dressed Minaj draped in beads from head to toe. This fall, Minaj and Future will embark upon their joint 28-city NICKIHNDRXX tour.

View fans' reactions below.

y’all had your shot with barbie tingz, i’m not hearing it. i love my girl BT, but y’all ain’t do right by her!
stream & buy #BED
thank u and pls come again.

— Goon Palace -- (@BigKaahuna) June 14, 2018

Nicki really snubbed Barbie Tingz

— Music Tea & Facts (@PopFactsNews) June 14, 2018

Y’all Didn’t Show Barbie Tingz This Much Love Before The Preorder. Y’all Barely Acknowledged Her. Treated Her Like The Ugly Stepchild. Y’all Are Funny.

— daddy. (@THEEguy_) June 14, 2018


— Seeba Urrutia (@seeba_urrutiag) June 14, 2018

And Now to This #Queen who decided not include Barbie Tingz on the Album..

What's Good?--

— Yasmine---- (@IstantheBadGuy) June 14, 2018

Barbie Tingz isn’t on Queen.....a tragedy

— ‏ً (@knnewagb) June 14, 2018

Barbie Tingz deserved to be on the album... DONT FUCKING @ ME.

— Eric Jonathan ⚡️ (@EriccJonathan) June 14, 2018

nicki minaj not putting barbie tingz on her album is just pure disrespect

— la diabla (@sighjacy) June 14, 2018