New Documents Show That Kanye West Is No Longer Involved With Chicago Charity Donda's House

After his wife Kim Kardashian and his former collaborator Rhymefest engaged in a heated tussle on Twitter last week in regards to Donda's House, a new report indicates that Kanye West hasn't been involved with the charity in the last two years. 

In a statement made by Donda's House following the Twitter spat, the non-profit attempted to distance themselves from the "Jesus Walks" MC. 

"We ask that as you boycott and protest Kanye West, that you not forget that we are a non-profit organization that like other non-profits needs donations, corporate support and volunteers," read a portion of the statement on the company's website. Despite the move of separation, Donda's House credited West for his early contributions, acknowledging that he "supported the organization by designing the logo with his creative team, paying for legal support as we filed for exemption status and eventually through the Louis Vuitton Foundation, secured our largest donation to date of $133,000."

Furthermore, in documents obtained by the New York Post, West has not been listed as a board member on the charity's public findings since 2016. 

In addition to West's name being excluded from the documents, The Post also revealed that Donda's House earned $206,023 in 2015, with $1000 of that money being used for just one grant that year. Also, they noted that $35,843 was earmarked for “unspecified meetings and events.” A spokesman for the Illinois Attorney General spoke to The Post and told the paper that the nonprofit organization hadn't submit their tax filings for 2016, saying that "they're not up to date."

Donda's House -- named after West's mother who passed in 2007 -- aims to provide “access and education from leading experts in the arts, culture & entertainment industry" for the children of Chicago.