Migos Kicked Off Delta Flight


Migos were kicked f a Delta flight before takef on Friday (July 7), prompting questions over why the platinum-selling trio was removed by the airline.

Delta representatives say that they booted Takef from an Atlanta to Des Moines flight for repeatedly not following crew member instructions to buckle his seatbelt and stow carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment. According to TMZ, Quavo, Offset, and the group’s manager departed the flight in solidarity.

Migos’ rep claims that the rappers fell asleep in first class on their way to a gig and that Takef’s backpack was on the floor. He claims that the rapper didn’t listen to the flight attendant’s instructions because he had dozed f.

The group and their manager argued with Delta reps on the jetway following their removal from the flight. “You’re kicking the Migos f the plane?” asks their manager in the clip. “They’re not doing anything…You kicked us f the plane for doing absolutely nothing.” In the video, he also threatens to sue the airline for making them late for a show.

However, the Culture crew wasn’t late to their concert after all. Delta managed to get Migos on an alternate flight to their destination, which the group was grateful for.

“RIGHT IS RIGHT,” they wrote on Instagram. “WRONG IS WRONG. Thanks @delta For Making It YOUR job to get US to our concert On TIME!!!
W H O L E P L A N E ✈️.”