Michael Jackson – Black Or White (Damn Dan & Hozones Remix)[FREE DOWNLOAD]

King of Pop Michael Jackson released one of his many hit singles “Black or White” back in 1991. It even won a Billboard Music Award for #1 World Single in 1992.

This remix by Damn Dan & Hozones is a perfect combination of fresh, upbeat future house and that 90’s funk we all love dancing to. And I think we can all agree that we will always have that soft spot for some old throwback songs!

I love that the remix kept some of the original lyrics because it is so powerful. If you listen closely, the song is about the touchy topic of racism. These song lyrics are essentially mocking those who spend so much of their time and efforts on hating others and suggests “Don’t you guys have better things to do?” During his time, Michael Jackson wasn’t afraid to voice his opinions through music and dance, and thus, he brought awareness to everyone around the world. He truly is a legend and I love that people are continuing to bring back his songs and adding a little modern twist to it!

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“Our remix is the result of hard work and we are more than statisfied to be able to finally present you the remix which was built out of many emotions and great memories.
We all know that music is meant to be heard and paid because producers work hard to make songs but we felt that we had to release it for free !
We want to give you the chance to play our remix whenever you want without having to pay for it and of course to play it in clubs while you are dj’ing.”

-Damn Dan & Hozone

Enjoy :)



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