Logic Explains Lyric About Kanye “Not Really Being That Voice” He Once Was Article

The day before Logic released his latest album, Everybody, he sent out a tweet praising one his greatest musical role models, Kanye West.

Fans, course, speculated that this meant West would be making a surprise guest appearance on Everybody, a la J. Cole on "AfricAryaN," but, as it turned out, Logic's tweet was actually an attempt to silence the rumor mill that he knew would start grinding away at his lyric about Kanye on standout selection "America."

Despite having already clarified the intention behind his "America" lyrics for Genius, in a newly-published interview with NPR, the Def Jam emcee made clear there is no "beef" between him and West, issuing a full explanation as to why he called out Kanye on "America": 

Similar to how J. Cole "called out" Wale on "False Prophets," Logic calling out Kanye on "America" is the product disappointment based on years personal fandom and expectation. Now more than ever before, Logic wants to see the Kanye that put President George Bush on blast in 2005; the Kanye that spoke out against the government. 

With rumors swirling that Kanye is holed up in Wyoming, plotting his next musical moves, let's keep our fingers crossed that he made time to press play on Logic's "America."

It's his America, too.

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