Kristian Nairn Shows Interest In Fighting For Marriage Equality

Kristian Nairn Shows Interest In Fighting For Marriage Equality

Game Thrones star Kristian Nairn (Hodor) recently stated his interest in fighting for marriage equality in his home country  Ireland.

The actor, who is also an established DJ known for his Rave Thrones shows, spoke to about his stance on marriage equality:

“I really don’t understand why we’re the only little enclave the country that can’t do it,” he said. “I hope that we can come into line with the rest Europe and the rest the United Kingdom and Ireland.”

“There’s so much other horrible sh*t happening in the world at the minute, I think it’s the least their worries. I think we need to get it sorted out as soon as possible.”

“I definitely would be prepared to make the change myself if it’s going to help my community and help other people.”

Originally. it was thought that Kristian Nairn was entering politics to help with the issue. Recently, he denounced the initial rumors him entering politics on :

“I want to clarify what you have been seeing about my “Entering politics.” I love my community, and I would do anything to help, as I would also for any other minority or community, be it gender, race, whatever. I had many other things I wish to achieve in my life before I would even think about it. I have no plans to go into politics right now or in the near future , and this issue is too close to me, and too important to too many to be treated and mishandled as sensationalism and clickbait.

Nairn’s support for his community comes from the unequal makeup the Stormont estate that does not accurately represent the desire for equality in Northern Ireland. He has also been involved in the LGBT scene before, where he got his start as a drag performer named  at the Kremlin Nightclub.

Currently, Kristian Nairn is slated to play for his Rave Thrones tour in Madison, Wisconsin and at Middlelands Music Festival in Texas. When not touring, he lives outside the town Lurgan, Ireland with his mother.

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