Kendall And Kylie Jenner Hit With Another Lawsuit For Their Failed 2Pac Shirt


Kendall and Kylie Jenner continue to face heat after their tragic T-shirt line. After they released shirts with their faces superimposed over images Biggie and 2Pac, the two reality stars received a good dragging, including from Biggies mom Voletta Wallace. The sisters issued a formal apology and then recalled the shirts, but they aren’t getting away that easily.

Now, according to TMZ, the photographer who took the 2Pac image is suing the Jenners for using his photo without his permission. Michael Miller  snapped shots folks like Eazy-E, Agelina Jolie, and Jack Nicholson. Even though the shirts have since been taken down, Miller is not satisfied.

In docs obtained by TMZ, Miller says he never intended to work with the Jenners, especially after Kendall’s PR catastrophes (he’s probably referring to her Pepsi commercial). The Notorious B.I.G estate threatened to sue the sisters if they didn’t take down the shirts. Now that they have, it seems like Miller is the only one on a mission. He wants any prits the sisters made from the shirts so far.

The Jenner camp responded to the lawsuit saying, Miller’s efforts are ridiculous since the girls had nothing to do with the making the shirt. The only gave their approval the design.

Well,  “approval” sounds like they had something to do with the making the shirts. But, I guess we’ll let the lawyers handle it.