Kayzo & Gammer Drops A Fresh And New Single


Kayzo & Gammer Drops A Fresh And New Single

Kayzo & Gammer – Over The Edge

Kayzo and Gammer are back with a collaboration their new single ‘Over The Edge‘ featuring Au8ust. These talented DJ’s created a previous song together called ‘‘. And if that is to be any indication, they are about to blow your mind away with their latest track. Released by Monstercat, the song includes a different feel away from trap and dubstep as it incorporates a mixture a pop and house. However, we are still amazed with any masterpiece that Kayzo and Gammer can produce!

‘Over The Edge’ immediately beings with a st melody accompanied by male vocals. The lyrics and verse will make you feel nostalgic and will remind you pop songs from the early 2000’s. As the song progresses, the build up has additional beats and the tempo picks up, leading to the drop. From there, you can feel the house vibes in full force. It’s refreshing to hear new and catchy sounds like this so go ahead and give it a listen.

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