Is Tyler The Creator Coming Out As Gay On His Latest Album?

Tyler the Creator used the word “fa*got” 213 times on this debut album. In response to the backlash, he say, “Well, I have gay fans and they don’t really take it fensive, so I don’t know. If it fends you, it fends you…If you call me a n*gga, I really don’t care, but that’s just me, personally.” The Odd Future front-man is known for using homophobic slurs, yet claiming he’s not homophobic.

Now, in a twist irony, Tyler might be revealing something interesting about his sexuality on his upcoming album Scum F*ck Flower Boy. According to Queerty, the project was leaked online and the lyrics to a few songs have some fans wondering if Tyler is gay.

On the song “I Ain’t Got Time,” Tyler reportedly raps “I been kissing White boys since 2004,” and on the track “Garden Shed,” he speaks the garden shed as if it were a closet. He rhymes, “For the garden that is what I was hiding / That is what love I was in, ain’t no reason to pretend,” before saying “Them feelings I was guarding, heavy on my mind / All my friends lost, they couldn’t read the signs / I didn’t wanna talk and tell em’ my location and I didn’t wanna walk.”

Of course, Twitter peeped the lyrics and is going f:

Tyler has yet to speak out about the subliminal messages. Guess we’ll have to wait for the ficial release to dive in further and find out what this all means.