Huh? Lawyer Claims Aaron Hernandez’s Brain Is Being Illegally Held


Aaron Hernandez‘s lawyer revealed his suspicions about the late star’s alleged suicide and new evidence may prove that he was spot on.

Jose Baez is accusing the Worcester Medical Examiner illegally retaining Aaron’s brain after agreeing to release it to the hospital the family’s choice for the purpose CTE medical research. The family wants to know if Hernandez was affected by CTE and hopes the examination will help other families. However, Baez says a doctor in the Medical Examiner’s Office went back on the deal and decided they would keep the brain and do the exam, rather than sending it to Boston University CTE unit, which is renowned in the field.

Massachusetts ficials have since released a statement saying that the Medical Examiner will release Hernandez’s brain to Boston University, but they have not given a specific time frame.

The Secretary Public Safety and Security said, “The Office the Chief Medical Examiner is conducting an investigation into the circumstances Aaron Hernandez’s death, which may require further analysis his body. Once that is complete the brain will be released to Boston University. No one is going to stand in the way the family’s wishes for Boston University to have Aaron Hernandez’s brain.”

Police are still investigating Aaron Hernandez’s surprise death.