Hans Zimmer Is Loved By All At Coachella


Hans Zimmer Is Loved By All At Coachella

This year’s Coachella has a stellar lineup acts that are expected from the festival’s typical catalog  attendees. However, everyone was blown away by the unexpected and spectacular performance put on by Hans Zimmer, who jokingly admitted, “it takes a certain type crazy person to bring an orchestra into the desert”.

The German film composer melted everyone’s face f with songs from movies like Inception, Gladiator, The Lion King, and many others. He was joined by electric guitars, accordions, drums, and a bleacher full singers that made the performance come alive into a euphoric experience. His performance even featured a surprise appearance from Pharrell Williams, who performed ‘Freedom’ from Hidden Figures which they worked on together. 

Many attendees flocked to Twitter to comment, praising the performance and spoke about how incredible it was watching people try to figure out how to dance to Hans Zimmer.

Even though his music is not related to EDM, Zimmer’s remarkable performance is one worthy mention. It shows how he was able to make his own spotlight in a festival filled with big names in popular and electronic music. His performance is not one to miss so be sure to catch him at Weekend 2 Coachella or one his upcoming tour !