Gucci Mane Reminisces About His Time at ‘Coachella’ for New Song –

Gucci Mane Reminisces About His Time at 'Coachella' for New Song -
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Long live the flute!

Gucci Mane, who destroyed his set during weekend one Coachella last week, is the latest artist to use the flute in his newest track. “Coachella,” which is produced by Murda Beatz and TM-88, is fantastic. Big Guwop does what he does best, brag about why he’s a boss.

The hottest trend in hip-hop right now is flutes being used in production for raps songs. Flute-infused records began to become commercially popular with Future’s “Mask Off,” which later sparked the “Mask Off” Challenge that put a spotlight on young Black musicians. Soon after, Hot 100 hits like Kodak Black’s “Tunnel Vision” and Drake’s “Portland” came out, and now, if you’re a rapper trying to make a hit record, you’re asking for some type incorporation a flute in your song.

“St-top Rolls, I pulled out the parking lot/This bitch won’t pick up the phone she must think I’m Travis Scott/Gucci so dope like they pulled him out the pot/Don’t care if your man play ball or not bitch all tote is bankrolls/When you super cold then they drop it likes it’s hot/These hoes ain’t really fucking you they fucking what you got bro,” Guwop raps on the track.

Murda Beatz produced Drake’s “Portland” so it’s only right that he’s the man to add flutes to Gucci’s “Coachella,” which also features production from TM88. If you missed Gucci’s set during weekend one, check out the highlights. He brought out Rae Sremmurd, Lil Yachty and Diddy during the set.

Listen to “Coachella” below.

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