goshfather ft. Brenna Campbell – Gasoline [Free Download]

Goshfather & Jinco are most known for their heavy hitting tracks and intense sounds however Goshfather has decided to step away into a new solo project with more melodic and poppy sounds. His new moniker goshfather just released his first single for free “Gasoline”. It sounds quite poppy and yet still remains to sound unique and much more detailed than other pop songs. I feel as though his style will be in a similar vain as Prince Fox, however I could be wrong.

With early support for Sullivan King and Sam F, goshfather’s new side project is soon to be noticed by a lot more people who will be surprised of the big switch in styles. Keep an eye out for more of goshfather because after proving he has an impressive ability as a solo act, he will surely be attempting to show us what else he has in store!

goshfather ft. Brenna Campbell – Gasoline [Free Download] 



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