Goldman Sachs Co-President is also a DJ

Goldman Sachs Co-President is also a DJ

Wall Street by Day, Nightclub by Night

Watch out Diplo, because there’s a new face in the spinning game and his name is D-Sol. DJ D-Sol, is the stage-name for David Solomon‘s (get it, D-Sol?) electronic dance music side project. It’s actually a thing, and he has a private dedicated to his alter ego. The painfully rich Goldman Sachs Co-President has done multiple gigs at getaway destinations like the Bahamas and some club venues in New York and Miami. The photo below is a screenshot taken provided by the NY Times before DJ D-Sol made his Instagram account private.

This news comes as a sharp juxtaposition the free-spirited nature electronic dance music and the rigid white-collar attitudes within finance banking. David’s passion for electronic music is actually part his philosophy to immerse himself in a wide range interests which he believes leads to a balanced life and career.

Despite the strange irony it all, it’s always great to see people pursue their passion, even at 55. Perhaps this newfound hobby will even allow Solomon to change opinions about dance music as whole within his pressional circle and beyond.

You can try to DJ D-Sol on Instagram for an exclusive peek at his music.