Fender's New Mustang GT Amps Will Require Frequent Software Updates

Want to use your brand-new (and costly) Fender Mustang GT? Make sure you pause to receive frequent stware updates.

According to Fender CEO Andy Mooney, 90% people who pick up a guitar abandon it within the first year. Last August, Fender introduced their mobile tuning app for the iOS. Dubbed Fender Tune, the app sported a tune features, like auto tune, manual tune, chromatic tune, and more. It would teach newer players how to change the pitch in their guitars. Mooney said,

Now, the company has geared up its long-term plans into the mobile market with the introduction a slew features alongside their new amplifier.

Last November, Bloomberg reported that the company had a new guitar amplifier model in the works. The Bluetooth-enabled amplifier would connect to apps wirelessly to let players alter and share sound effects. Seven months after Bloomberg’s initial report, Fender has launched its long-awaited amp model.

Say hello to the Mustang GT series. Confirming Bloomberg’s report, the Mustang GT features both WiFi and Bluetooth to get presets from Fender engineers. According to the press release,

“Users can edit effects, share their own presets, create setlists for performances, access easy to download upgrades Wi-Fi and stream music through the Mustang GT amplifiers Bluetooth technology.”

To access these sounds, you’ll need to download the companion app, Fender Tone, available for the iOS and Android. To capture preset tones, the company tapped into artists across multiple musical genres. Singer-songwriter Grimes, blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa and rock band Young The Giant worked closely with Fender.

Speaking on the launch the Mustang GT Amplifier series, Ethan Kaplan, Chief Product Officer, said,

“Fender Tone is the second release in Fender Digital’s suite applications, and the first hardware companion application we have developed. It, alongside Fender Tune, aims to accompany players at every stage their musical journey. Now, with artist-curated presets from Josh Adam Klinghfer the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gary Clark Jr. and Anthrax’s Scott Ian – channeling your favorite song or band for some added inspiration has never been easier.”

In addition to Bluetooth and WiFi, the Mustang GT amplifiers sport USB output for recording. Models start at $299 for the 40-watt Mustang GT, $399 for the 100-watt model, and $599 for the 200-watt model. All three models come with Celestion speakers.

Users can download Fender Tone from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Now, guitar players can also purchase the Mustang GT amplifiers. However, one thing to note is that the new amplifiers will receive (and require) frequent stware updates. Fender says this is to “ensure a smooth experience.” You can check out technical specs here.