Eminem Raps His Favorite 50 Cent Verse in Birthday Tribute

Go 50, it’s your 42nd birthday!

To celebrate the occasion, Eminem has released a video himself spitting his favorite 50 Cent verse. “First f, I want to say happy birthday,” said Shady. “Secondly, I want to remind you the verse you did that made me want to quit rapping.”

Then, Eminem unleashed his version the second verse f Fiddy’s “Places to Go,” a solo cut from the 8 Mile soundtrack, which dropped in ’02. “That made me want to stop rapping, for like, a long time,” Shady added. “Anyways, man. Happy birthday. Love you, homie.”

Responding to this, 50 praised his longtime friend and frequent collaborator. “Thank you @eminem,” he wrote Instagram. “you know your still the best in the world 🌎 to me man, I love you bro.”

In 2002, 50 Cent signed a deal with Eminem and Dr. Dre, joining Shady/Aftermath/Interscope. Since then, the “GATman and Robbin” duo has collaborated on a slew tracks, including “You Don’t Know,” “Patiently Waiting,” “Crack a Bottle,” “Never Enough, “Spend Some Time,” and “My Life.”

Ten years after signing 50, Marshall Mathers opened up about their bond. “Ever since we started making music with Fif, it was always like a mutual respect thing and we became friends outside the music,” he told Detroit’s Channel 955 in 2012. “50 is very big on the business aspects his career. I would consider him a smart businessman. Not saying that I’m not, but I don’t get into as much the technical aspect in the business sense. I have no idea what’s going on—ever. I don’t even know where I’m at right now.”