Dougie F and Kyle Link Up for New Song ‘Homegirl’ –

Dougie F and Kyle Link Up for New Song 'Homegirl' -
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New Jersey rapper Dougie F links up with recently announced 2017 XXL Freshman Kyle for a summer banger titled “Homegirl.” The track is produced by Rami Beatz and should be played at loud volumes at your next function. The two have pretty good chemistry on the track.

“Can I get you all alone girl/You’re more than just a homegirl/Can I take you home girl/Can I get you home girl,” Dougie delivers.

“Maybe I should say fuck it and just lose/But you miss all the shots you never shoot/Eh, but I been running plays, running plays/This is like the third or fourth day,” raps Kyle.

“After connecting with Kyle a year ago on his Smyle Tour we stayed in touch. I was in L.A. working with Rami Beatz and Dez Wright in a session and I came up with the record,” Dougie says about the track through email. “I was tryna figure out who would fit the record and sent it right to Kyle. We eventually were both in L.A. and locked in a session at his studio and knocked it out. After a show he brought me out on in Boston he was telling me we should release our record. What better timing than now?

“Homegirl” is the first single f Dougie F’s forthcoming project, Yellow Du-Rag. 

Bump the new song below.

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