DJ Convicted of DUI Manslaughter Writes Apology To His 2 Million Fans from Prison

Six months ago, while under the influence of alcohol, Polish producer/DJ Tom Swoon , killing the passenger, and sending the driver to the hospital.

Swoon has been in jail awaiting trial in the time since; he plead guilty at his initial arraignment and faces up to 12 years in prison for his crime.

This morning, presumably through a friend or business partner with access to his Facebook, Swoon shared a letter of apology to his nearly 2 million followers. He expresses deep remorse for his actions, mentioning that not a day goes by he doesn’t think of what he’s done.

It won’t make up for what he’s done, nor does it further incriminate him, as he’s already plead guilty, but the remorse is clearly genuine.

You can read his full letter below.

Dear fans, dear friends:

I was thinking about reaching out to you for a long time now.
But for many various reasons I kept postponing this moment. Today, I’m finally feeling ready to share my story with you.