Destructo – Techno [Free Download]

Paying homage to his roots, Destructo has released his much anticipated track “Techno” for free through Toneden. Before Destructo created his self-created genre of g-house, he was a big proprietor of techno & notably tech house which emphasizes a repetitive beat with minimalistic sounds. “Techno” brings out all those elements quite nicely in a 2015 revival of Destructo’s old sounds which his older fans are familiar with.

The track features a well known sample that states

“nobody listens to techno”

Can you guess what the sample is?

If you guessed or knew Eminem “Wihout Me” then you are correct. It’s amusing to see the sample used in such a way that screams irony. The track is phenomenal, especially when heard live if you were at the Pink Tent at Hard Summer.

Coincidently, many have recently showed distaste for another artist sharing the same sample on a non-techno sounding track. It was seen as an insult but many of the fans had no idea that it was just a sample used before the drop. Melbourne bounce duo Vinai are set to release their track “Techno“ on Spinnin’ which was a bit mediocre & unoriginal for my taste.

HARD founder & CEO Gary Richards definitely knows what his audience wants but stays true to his sounds & roots with “Techno” releasing it completely free.

“This song is dedicated to the believers that were down from day one…to day now”


Destructo – Techno [Free Download]



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