David Guetta Confirms Massive Collaborations With Shakira, Sean Paul and The Black Eyed Peas


French DJ & Producer David Guetta has confirmed upcoming massive collaborations through Twitter. The French producer is no stranger to superstar collaborations. Three weeks ago he released his future bass collaboration with Justin Bieber, ‘2U’. This week Guetta surprised the world again with his pop collaboration with Bruno Mars.

David Guetta confirmed his next two massive collaborations through a retweet a fan page:

One the collaborations includes both Colombian superstar Shakira and Jamaican sensation Sean Paul. What can be expected with this collaboration? Nothing less than a latin and dance fusion hit. In contrast, with the versatility artists these days David Guetta, Shakira, and Sean Paul can surprise us.

The second collaboration will be with The Black Eyed Peas. David Guetta has with the B.E.P. to make one the most played songs both in the radio and in the clubs. With this collaboration we can expect essentially another dance floor sensation. Both collaborations can be expected to be nothing less than a hit.

The release dates are not set yet, and putting into consideration how the industry works, it can be a while before we can hear these massive collaborations. Regardless, we’re looking forward to both.