Crywolf's Chilling Story Of Finding His Stolen Gear In Chile


Crywolf’s Chilling Story Of Finding His Stolen Gear In Chile

(formerly Cry Wolf) is a name that the dance music industry has become more than familiar with, over the last two years. He was in news recently for having his stuff (10,000 $ worth) stolen while he was in Valdi, Chile working on his music. Crywolf had to go through an ordeal over the period two days to retrieve his stuff and only retrieved some it.

Using his he described the whole story as it happened. Crywolf while having lunch in the beautiful coastal city Valdi had his stuff stolen from the car. This included camera lenses, a drone and most importantly his laptop that had all his work. Thereon, Crywolf with an undercover cop began a two-day search in the slums this Chilean city.

As the story unfolds, we are informed that his stuff was stolen by poor slum kids who are only the bottom most level theft in the city. The kids only pass the stuff on to their superiors after finding it. This chain continues until it gets sold at the top the chain by a crime syndicate.

The LA-based artist finally found his drone and a few drives but that was it. To his dismay, all his music with the MacBook was never found. This was taken rather positively by the Dance music producer/vocalist. He postponed his flight and made what he calls his favorite music he ever wrote. He finally givesĀ thanks to the city and people Valdi feeding f his joy finding a few his belongings back.

We wish him all the best and leave you with one Crywolf’s tracks:

Fuse Liminal] – Crywolf