Bassnectar Surprises Everyone & Reveals New Tripped-Out Side Project


Bassnectar is releasing another piece his Reflective puzzle today, which doubles as a glimpse into his new side project!

The bass god and Sayr will go by Naux Faux for a forthcoming EP, which is still being treated with finishing touches. In the meantime we have this Bassnectar remix a Naux Faux production “Psyopia,” a deeply introspective piece set to be released as part  Reflective Part 2 EP out December 1st.

Bassnectar describes the Naux Faux project as follows:

…It’s a throwback to a long-lost era deep, mystical electronic music: analog synths, shimmering sounds, pulsing chords, chopped up breaks… A tribute to the magical days the side room, the sunrise set, the discovery new spellbinding frequencies… Fans “Mesmerizing the Ultra” will likely find special delight in this…

Nectar delivers another tripped out music video for “Psyopia” remix — the first more Faux Faux to come! Listen below and get in on the Reflective Part 2 EP before its release .

Naux Faux – Psyopia (Bassnectar Remix)

Photo aLive Coverage