A Collection Of The Funniest Kevin Love Jokes After Game 3 Of The NBA Finals


The Cleveland Cavaliers throttled the Golden State Warriors in Game 3 of the NBA Finals last night, without the help of one Kevin Love. 

Having not been medically cleared to play due to a concussion in Game 2, Love was forced to watch from the sidelines in street clothes as LeBron, Kyrie, JR and the rest of the Cavs did a complete 180 from the previous two games of the Finals. 

Love’s status for the crucial Game 4 on Friday night is still up in the air but if you ask the basketball critics of twitter, Tyronn Lue needs to keep his ass on the bench even if he is given the O.K. by Cleveland’s medical staff.

In fact, some feel Lue and the rest of the Cavs organization need to do everything in their power to make sure Lil Kev does NOT pass his next concussion test.

Everybody was a comedian; and here’s how it all played out:

LeBron going to make Kevin Love sit out Game 4. pic.twitter.com/yqGYnMnrXC

— NBA Memes (@NBAMemes) June 9, 2016


— dan haren (@ithrow88) June 9, 2016

lebron – ” hey kev read this note”

*we dont need you anymore”https://t.co/6IrDaogKG4

— Tony X. (@soIoucity) June 9, 2016

When Lue see Kevin Love before his concussion test tomorrow. #NBAFinalspic.twitter.com/VRB9iCB0tH

— Ricky FilmLife Tyree (@RickyT_FilmLife) June 9, 2016

Kevin Love’s concussion test pic.twitter.com/LgWCuwfkiU

— MeatMan (@MeatMan22) June 9, 2016

Kevin love concussion test: what is your name? What is your quest? What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

— Michael Klos (@michaelsklos) June 9, 2016

LeBron gonna pay Dahntay Jones to punch Kevin Love in the back of his head before the next concussion test

— Alex Vanderpool (@tryna_be_famous) June 9, 2016

Kevin Love gonna have to explain string theory for his concussion test tomorrow

— Kareem El-Gohary (@KareemElG) June 9, 2016

Kevin Love’s concussion test will be solving rubix cubes one handed, while playing Mozart piano with the other hand, sitting on a unicycle

— Lucas Allen (@LukeSalad) June 9, 2016

“i am fine. why won’t anyone believe me?” -kevin love, tomorrow

— El Flaco (@bomani_jones) June 9, 2016

Kevin Love right now if he cares at all about the team: pic.twitter.com/EzBYbwP87Q

— Charlie (@CharlieWisco) June 9, 2016

Kevin Love: hey guys, where are we going?
LeBron: we? pic.twitter.com/uNFRaEtwAe

— maurice (@tallmaurice) June 9, 2016

Kevin Love back in the trainers’ room getting hit in the head with a mallet.

— Will Brinson (@WillBrinson) June 9, 2016

LeBron is using commercial breaks to hit Kevin Love in the head with a bat so that concussion sticks around.

— OHB (@ohholybutt) June 9, 2016

Meanwhile… https://t.co/Cowio8Jv67

— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) June 9, 2016

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